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PCB Density is being increased rapidly due to the introduction of new components such as BGA.CSP(Chip Size Package)or FC(Flip Chip). And, LCD related products would be also one of driven factors to accelerate density of PCBs. Moreover, growing new market fo packagindusity is requiring highly sophisticatrd PCB , which would be used as substrate for chip placing and interconnection.

Application Layer Thickness Line/Space FHS Finish
Personal Computer 4~6L 1.6mm 100/100㎛~125/125㎛ 0.25mm OSP or HASL

LCD 4~6L 0.4~0.6mm 100/100㎛ 0.25mm Immersion Gold

Note PC 8L 1.2mm 100/100㎛~125/125㎛ 0.3mm HASL

Package(BGA.CSP) 2~4L 0.4~0.6mm 75/75㎛~125/125㎛ 0.15mm Bondable Au